2015 Twins: The Aces Of The Staff

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We have taken a look at who should be expected to lead the Twins in home runs, who will record the most hits, and which players will steal the most bases in 2015. Now it’s time to shift focus to the mound and take a look at which Twins pitchers can be counted upon to win the most games in 2015.

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To be fair, wins are one of the least important pitching statistics available. With that being said, a starting rotation chalking up wins as a whole generally results in the betterment of the team as well. While suggesting the following pitchers may lead the club in wins doesn’t mean they will be the most impressive or vital, expect them to anchor a rotation that should be much improved over 2014.

Minnesota has addressed rotational issues as they enter 2015, and because of the focus on pitching, the returns should be plentiful. A year ago the Twins had just two pitchers record double-digit wins, I think that total doubles. Let’s take a look at your 2015 Twins to projected wins earners.