Glen Perkins On The Shelf For Twins


The Minnesota Twins are in the midst of their 5th game of the 2015 Spring Training slate. Unfortunately, their All Star closer is not on the bench today as Glen Perkins is missing time due to an injury. After suffering an injury down the stretch last season, he now gets bit by the injury bug early this year.

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At this point, the Twins are calling the injury nothing more than a mild strain to his right side. While that seems like a relatively minute issue, Perkins was held out of action today due to the malady. Minnesota will be hoping that his body rebounds quickly.

Although the injury isn’t currently considered serious, should Glen Perkins continue to miss time, the prognosis would likely change.

Coming off of a season in which the Minnesota native was named to his second consecutive All Star Game, Perkins will be looking for a surprising turnaround in 2015. Despite being good in the early going last season, Perkins struggled down the stretch and injuries eventually ended his season early.

After being signed to a four-year contract extension from the Twins, Perkins has made it known that he plans on ending his career in Minnesota. He has plans of entering the front office someday, and having played in Minnesota his entire life, there’s no reason for the Twins closer to step away now.

Here’s to hoping Glen Perkins is given a clean bill of health sooner rather than later.

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