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In recent days, we have watched the Minnesota Timberwolves re-sign Kevin Garnett with the intentions of future business endeavors, and then learned Torii Hunter is interested in the front office. Now, the Twins can add closer Glen Perkins to that list as well. The Minnesota native has a strong desire to remain in organization after his playing days.

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Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune recently had the opportunity to speak in-depth with Glen Perkins, and if you follow him on Twitter, you are well aware that Perk has one of the best personalities on the ballclub. Throughout the discussion, Souhan was able to come across quite a few looks into what Perkins sees for his future.

While some players have the desire to go the coaching route, Glen Perkins appears to want to steer completely clear of that direction. He says, “There’s zero chance I would be back on the field, as a coach. I don’t want to do the traveling. I absolutely want to do something in player development, whether at the minor league level or the big-league level. I think there’s a spot for a lot of teams, for guys that played, and translating what sabermetrics and statistics can work for players. What players can use and what front offices can use are two completely different things. I think I can help with that.”

Perkins signed a contract extension last season, and it has an option for 2018. Perkins has made it clear that around that time, he will be looking at calling it quits. The next journey in his life is to help bridge the gap between organizations and players revolving around the acceptance of analytics.

Perkins says, “There’s such a divide. The majority of players think analytics are crap. The majority of front offices are 70-30, analytics to scouting. So I think there’s a place in this organization when I’m done in finding what the players can use and what the team should use. Being in this clubhouse, I also know the human element, that sabermetrics tries to get rid of. I have a pretty good idea how both sides work.”

With so many around the game standing firm on the notion that they are opposed to the adaptation of statistical analysis, understanding from someone who has played the game could be a key transition. Perkins carries the ability to not only inform, but instruct due to his track record within the game.

An owner of a home in Fort Myers, Perkins seems determined on spending time with the Twins organization and around Spring Training long after his playing days are over. Having played for the University of Minnesota and currently living in Lakeville, Perkins assured Souhan that he’s a Minnesota ballplayer and will be nowhere else.

“The one thing I know for sure is you will not see me with another team. I’m going to finish my career with the Twins. Then I want to start a new career with the Twins. This is the place for me,” said Perkins.

At the end of the day, Glen Perkins is the kind of player you dream of having in your organization. Not only is he an All Star on the field, but he may be even better off of it. Expecting Perkins to continue to be involved with and give back to the Twins seems like a lock, and the organization will be all the better for it.

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