The Twins And A 2015 World Series


Earlier today, Brad Rowland of FanSided took a look at one reason every team in Major League Baseball could make a run at the World Series. In 2015, it’s probably fair to argue that the Twins are one of the furthest teams away from making that a reality. However, if you’re going to look for a reason to include everyone, you probably have to get a little creative with the Twins.

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Rowland does just that when it comes to the Twins. While he does note that the Twins are the definition of the term “longshot,” here is why he thinks they could find themselves in it when October rolls around:

"Weird things happen in baseball, and that is one of the chief appeals of the sport. Teams that have no business winning put strings of W’s together based on “momentum”, “mojo” and other non-visible factors, and that is what the Twins will be reliant upon this season.It is very tough to point to a “strength” for Minnesota, outside of a farm system that includes both Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. The Twins have some quality players who are MLB-ready, with Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer and Phil Hughes as legitimate high-level options, but the balance simply isn’t there and there are too many holes to make a nuts-and-bolts claim for the team to make a run to 90 wins.Baseball brings that optimism, though, and perhaps the stars will align in the Twin Cities."

There’s next to no circumstance where I would argue that the Twins are going to be in the World Series this season. That being said, I am a bigger fan of the possibility for surprise when it comes to this year’s team than most. Rowland hits it on the head in saying that momentum is something Minnesota will need to rely upon. But, Minnesota also has a few other things in its corner.

When the 2015 season kicks off, the Twins will find themselves with a roster significantly better than they have experienced in each of the past four season. While they may be void of the prototypical superstars, quality major league talent is apparent around the diamond. Also, a playoff run happens once you get there. The AL Central is going to beat up on each other this season, and somewhere around 87 wins could snag a wildcard spot. Ask the Royals about getting hot at the right time…

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