MLB Manager 15 Gets Major Backing


Roughly a month ago, Out of the Park Baseball 16 was unveiled, and fans found out that this year’s version would be back by Major League Baseball licensing across the board. Now, MLB Manager 15, which will launch in March on iOS and Android devices, will be backed by Major League Baseball licenses as well. All 30 MLB teams, as well as historical teams, will be represented by MLB logos. Creating arguably the most realistic simulation experience on mobile devices, MLB Manager 2015 looks like it’s shaping up to be great.

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While Out of the Park Baseball 16 is designed for the simulation experience on the computer, MLB Manager 15 will push the envelope towards the same experience on the go. In a press release today, lead developer for MLB Manager 15 Sebastian Palkowski said, “We’re thrilled that MLB Manager 2015 will follow in OOTP 16’s footsteps with a feature that will help it stand out among other mobile baseball games. Between the license and all the other great new features, MLB Manager remains the perfect way to get in a little baseball managing while on the go.”

On top of the MLB licenses to be included in the game, a slew of other new features will also be present including:

• 2015 Opening Day rosters: Each team will have its projected 40-man Opening Day roster, as well as 20-25 top prospects, for a total of 60-65 players. A subsequent free update will include the official Opening Day rosters.

• Shop a Player: This option was brought over from OOTP to allow GMs to suggest a player for a possible trade and field offers from other teams.

• Simulate to Date X: GMs can now simulate to a specific date, and a new Don’t Disturb feature allows uninterrupted long-term sims.

• Player Shortlist: GMs can now add players to their shortlists so they can quickly return to their profiles any time. It’s a useful feature for tracking players’ careers after they leave a team.

• Career Stats Leader Boards: Retired players with 10 or more years of experience automatically join the career leader boards for home runs, strikeouts, and other stats.

• Improved In-Game Subs: When a GM makes a substitution during a game, they can easily see the current game situation.

• Better Trading AI: AI-controlled GMs make better trade offers.

iOOTP Baseball 2014, MLB Manager 15’s predecessor, is now available as a free download in the Apple App Store. Both MLB Manager 15 and Out of the Park Baseball 16 are scheduled to be released in March. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

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