Out Of The Park Baseball 16 Looks Like A Home Run


For those familiar with baseball games, few rival the level of realism that is provided with the Out of the Park Baseball series. A staple on both computer and mobile platforms, the series is looking to elevate to new heights with the upcoming version. Out of the Park Baseball 16 is introducing a ton of new features, and it is shaping up to be the best game yet.

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This season, Out of the Park Baseball will feature licensing from Major League and Minor League baseball for the first time. The new licenses will allow Out of the Park Baseball to have official logos and team logos for all 30 MLB teams, as well as over 150 MiLB logos, historical MLB logos, and accurate jerseys.

On the mobile side of things, Out of the Park Baseball will be changed from iOOTP Baseball to MLB Manager, and will be offered on both iOS and Android devices. All of the great licensing that is being introduced to the computer based game will be present in the mobile version as well.

Markus Heinsohn, lead developer of Out of the Park Baseball said of the new license deal, “We’re thrilled to be working with MLB Advanced Media to provide a feature that many of our fans have requested. This promises to be the biggest year in the history of OOTP, and the best is yet to come.”

This promises to be the biggest year in the history of OOTP, and the best is yet to come.-Markus Heinsohn

Official licenses aren’t the only new and exciting thing coming to Out of the Park Baseball 16, a slew of other features have been announced. Check some of them out:

  • 2015 Opening Day Rosters-Accurate from MLB down through rookie leagues. Ratings based on Baseball Prospectus’ forecasting system.
  • International and Independent Leagues Added-The Australian Baseball League as well as independent leagues from the US and Japan are being added with accurate rosters.
  • Team Owner Goals-Short and long-term goals will determine contract extensions and firings.
  • Improved team finances and reporting-retooled finance system including season ticket sales.
  • Redesigned manager and coaches system-Unique to coach abilities and traits
  • Better playoff coverage, improved 3D ball flight, and much more…

The game is expected to ship in March, and pre-orders are being taken already. Out of the Park Baseball 16 will be $39.99, with a $5 discount for those who preorder. Preorders can be made here. Preordering this years game will also allow players to receive the game three days prior to launch.

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