Thinks Jose Berrios Is A Twins X-Factor


Yesterday, Phil Rogers of took on the task of looking for one guy that could help to provide a little bit extra during the 2015 season for every team in the major leagues. While the list appears to be composed of those who will be able to have an impact at the major league level, the Twins find themselves with a curious name as their X-Factor.

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For the Twins, Rogers determined that the player who could be the X-Factor was Jose Berrios. Expected to start the season in Triple or Double-A, Berrios would seem to be somewhat of a longshot for that designation. Rogers explains in saying:

"He won’t turn 21 until May, so we’re probably getting ahead of ourselves. But it won’t surprise scouts if the confident, athletic kid from Puerto Rico grabs a spot in the rotation at midseason after starting in Triple-A. Berrios is behind at least eight starters on the depth chart, including more advanced prospect Alex Meyer, but he could play a huge role in Paul Molitor‘s managerial career."

Here’s what that paragraph should tell you about where scouts beliefs fall on Jose Berrios, it’s very hard to put a finger on a player like him. We have seen comments suggesting Berrios is nothing more than J.D. Durbin, all the way to him being a top of the rotation starter. After seeing him play through three leagues last season, and pitch in the All Star Futures game, are you really going to bet against him?

The biggest hurdle Berrios has to overcome is probably the depth ahead of him. Minnesota is not at all wanting to be in a situation where injuries influence how they fill out their rotation, but if that ends up being the case, they do have options. In Spring Training, it’s likely Tommy Milone, Trevor May, and Meyer that Berrios will find himself behind. Pitching in Triple-A, he could quickly position himself at the head of the discussion if he can replicate his 2014 performance however.

If Jose Berrios does pitch for the Twins in 2015, there’s plenty of ways the narrative could pan out. Injuries could play a factor, another meteoric rise could have taken place, or a slew of other stories could come to fruition. At any rate, if Berrios can continue the push he has shown this offseason, there’s no doubt his ceiling remains incredibly high.

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