Jose Berrios: Ready To Push The Game (Video)


The offseason is well underway for players around Major League Baseball, and while the entire Minnesota Twins organization has been hard at work for 2015, we are able to bring you a unique perspective into Jose Berrios‘ routine. With pictures surfacing throughout the internet showing off a tone and chiseled body, there is no doubt Berrios has been pushing himself this offseason.

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As noted in our story earlier this week, Jose Berrios has adopted the hashtag, Push The Game this offseason. He has lofty goals, and has been working very hard to achieve them. He reached out to us at Puckett’s Pond to provide a look into the preparation he has been putting himself through down in Puerto Rico.

While his workouts definitely aren’t for the faint of heart, there is no doubt his strength continues to build. Whether he is pushing an SUV or driving a fastball to the plate, the offseason effort should pay dividends once Spring Training rolls around.

At this point, Jose Berrios is a non-roster invite to big league Spring Training for the Twins. He has made it his goal to push for a starting rotation spot in 2015, and he will need to do so if he intends to accomplish his goals. As noted in the video, he is looking to make the All-Star Game in Cincinnati as well as win the American League Rookie of the Year.

Despite having the deck stacked against him, and the Twins already having a pretty strong rotation competition, Berrios is probably the last player you should bet against. Starting in Fort Myers a season ago, Berrios rose through all three levels of the minor leagues, and bolstered himself onto the national radar as one of the best prospects in the game.

Expect Jose Berrios to continue to Push The Game in hopes of Working For a Big Season. The process is laid out, and the results should follow.

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