Bovada Sportsbook A Twins Realist


While we saw the win projection totals come out over the last few days from places like the Atlantis Sportsbook in Las Vegas and ESPN’s own rankings, the Twins weren’t looked upon with much favor. Bovada has typically made a habit of taking their time and being a bit slower with their lines, but they see the Twins in a different light. It’s worth noting it’s a more positive one.

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After releasing their line today on the Twins, the over/under has been set at 70.5 wins for the 2015 Twins. Of note however is the payouts on the two options. The over pays out -125 while the under is scheduled to pay out only -105. For those unfamiliar with betting, that suggests that the over line is the more heavily favored option.

Last season, the Minnesota Twins lost 92 games, meaning the won exactly 70. This season, that mark would qualify for the under according to Bovada. As a Twins fan you have to be pumped about where the sportsbook sees things going for the club, and I;d have to agree. The Twins are in a much better position than they were a season ago, and they should easily surpass their win total from 2014.

While they will almost certainly see offensive regression from the likes of Kurt Suzuki and Danny Santana, players like Joe Mauer and Oswaldo Arcia should even things out. Adding Torii Hunter only helps the offense, while a rebounding Ricky Nolasco and an added Ervin Santana should push the club forward. With Bovada seeing the over being the play, there is no telling just how high the Twins could push towards relevance this season.

Looking at our preseason projections, somewhere around .500 seems to be a realistic expectation for the floor, and the ceiling could be as high as challenging for a wild carp opportunity. I think no matter what, it’s safe to say that the dismal seasons have come to an end.

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