Vegas Not A Fan Of The 2015 Twins


This afternoon, Vegas sportsbooks released the first win totals for the upcoming 2015 season. To say that the casinos are not a fan of the 2015 Twins would appear to be quite the understatement.

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After winning 70 games in 2014, the Minnesota Twins are expected to take a step back in 2015. Vegas has the Twins projected at 68.5 wins, with only the Philadelphia Phillies coming in below them, projected for 67 wins.

Take a look at the full breakdown from the Atlantis Sportsbook.

Here’s the deal, I don’t think Vegas could be more wrong. Forget the fact that the Twins will almost definitely see Miguel Sano, Alex Meyer, and Byron Buxton at the major league level this season. Minnesota did absolutely nothing this offseason to warrant a step backwards.

Last year, the Twins won 70 games while watching one of their key free agent acquisitions, Ricky Nolasco, give them next to nothing on the mound. This season, they get a healthy Nolasco back, and also have signed an accountable Ervin Santana. The Twins have three solid starters, and a plethora of quality options to fill out the rotation.

While some of the offensive performers may regress, the Twins brought in a veteran and familiar bat in Torii Hunter. Sure, his defense could hurt the Twins in the field, but there’s no doubt he brings some pop to an already above average lineup.

I find it hard to believe that the Twins are in a worse spot this season than only the Phillies, and there’s no doubt you should be taking the over and smiling while walking to the bank.

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