What To Do During The 15 Day Wait For Minnesota Twins Baseball


Minnesota Twins baseball is just fifteen days away! It is a weird number to think about. It’s one of those things that seem like it could be here tomorrow, but on the other hand it feels like it is still years away. Today we are going to help those of us that are feeling like baseball is years away with fifteen things to do in the next fifteen days.

15 – Buy a new Glen Perkins shirsey. You deserve it. Treat yourself!

14 – Make sure you follow Kent Hrbek on Twitter or set it up to get notifications every time he tweets.

13 – Taylor Swift’s lucky number. Find a good luck charm for the Twinkies for the year to come.

12 – Do an image search about the Minnesota Twins and look and baseball, green grass and hopefully a winning team!

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11 – Take a break. Catch a different game in town. Wolves, Wild, Gopher Basketball (men or women’s), Gopher Hockey, your local college or high school. Anything you want!

10 – Make a prediction for who will be the King of Spring. Make picks with some friends and have some beers over the competition.

9 – Does your King of Spring make the Opening Day starting nine? Predict that now!

8 – Sit and ponder why Josmil Pinto can’t catch a baseball.

7 – It’s time to give Joe Mauer a second chance. If you already have, maybe it’s time to unblock those people who haven’t. Let’s start the year off as a nice big happy family.

6 – Big question time: if you had walkup music, what would it be? Remember, you will be judged.

5 – Scout the other teams in the AL Central. The division could be wide open this season which we’ll make it really fun.

4 – Do a little research on the minor leagues. Spring is always more fun when you know every single person on the spring roster.

3 – Help get Harmon Killebrew on a U.S. Stamp. It’s a very important thing to do!

2 – Watch the DVDs of the two World Series your team has won. Remember the good times!

1 – Get a lot of sleep. Sleep like all day. All of the naps. Twins baseball starts the next day and you are going to need all the energy you can muster.

These are our suggestions. Good suggestions, but only suggestions. Please wait for baseball responsibly.

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