The Twins Will Save The State Of Minnesota In 2015


The calendar has just turned, we are only 14 days into the new year, and 2015 is already looking abysmal for the state of Minnesota. Hockey, the proud sport of our great state, has the Gophers struggling and the Wild nonexistent. The Timberwolves, despite the play of Andrew Wiggins, are amongst the worst in the league, and Gophers hoops can’t win in the Big Ten. Don’t fear though, February is around the corner, and the Twins are here to save the day.

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To be fair, I have been called out for being less than optimistic plenty of times on Twitter. While I don’t enjoy beating the dead horse that is many of our states sports teams, I’m also plugged in enough to have a legitimate opinion on most of them. I have no problem calling something like it is, even if that doesn’t pave a rainbows and butterflies narrative. That being said, called me the baseball optimist because the Twins are ready to buck the trend.

Before we get into it, here’s some context:

So yes, bad doesn’t begin to describe the state of Minnesota sports right now. However, the Twins have yet to kick off, and in 39 more days, pitchers and catchers will report to Fort Myers to begin Spring Training. In doing so, they will embark on a new opportunity to put yet another 90 loss season behind you, the best news is that, they will do just that.

In 2015, the Twins have a fresh start. A year ago, the Twins were well above average at the plate, but struggled mightily in the pitching department. They sought out to address the issue in extending Phil Hughes, signing Ervin Santana, and adding some relief help. With the rebounding talent of Tommy Milone and Ricky Nolasco, it should be expected that the Twins will be better on the mound.

Paul Molitor should also signify a solid upgrade for the Twins. That is not a knock on Ron Gardenhire, but instead is consistent with the notion that sometimes, nothing more than a change of scenery is needed. Look for Molitor to usher in a new culture for the Twins, and help to restore the franchise to the peaks it once saw.

Yes, the AL Central is much better as a whole heading into the 2015 season, but it is shortsighted not to consider the Twins amongst the growth as well. Look for Minnesota to stay competitive throughout the entirety of the season, and open some eyes as the future starts to become now.

Optimism or not, the Twins have a lot to show in 2015, and Minnesota should be excited.

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