Minnesota Twins Year In Review: December 2014


December meant Torii Hunter, Ervin Santana and we still have a handful of hours left of the month. Who knows what could happen between now and midnight?! Probably nothing, but, New Year’s Eve miracles are totally a thing I’m pretty sure that I didn’t just make up.

From a site perspective, December has been our biggest month in the history of the website and we have all of our beautiful readers and visitors to thank for that. Thank you, so much for jumping into the Pond and we hope you keep your toe in the Pond in 2015 and beyond.

Let’s review December already:

5. Bring on the Vogelsong

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What are your feelings on Ryan Vogelsong? The Minnesota Twins have checked in and are interested in the pitcher who has yet to sign with a team. This one could still happen. A little ‘to be continued…’ action going into 2015!

4. Another Ex-Twin To The O’s?

Chris Parmelee has chosen free agency instead of going back to Rochester, can’t blame the guy, and the word on the street is that the Baltimore Orioles might be interested in his services. Baltimore: The Home of Ex-Twins!

3. Opening Day Lineup

We like to look into our crystal ball, magic 8 ball, or maybe even bowling ball and take a stab at what will be happening with the Twins in the coming months when the baseballs are in the air. Our stab at the Opening Day lineup was quite a popular prediction. Long live prediction making balls!

2. Hunter Saga

There was a point when it looked like Torii Hunter was going anywhere that was not the Minnesota Twins. Those were the days. It was reported that the Twinkies were making a last ditch effort to sign the outfielder. Maybe it was the last ditch effort, but the Twins got their guy.

1. OPINIONATER: Santana Edition

So… Johan Santana could seriously be a pitcher the Twins look at. I ‘reported’ this very tongue-in-cheek like. It was clear to any rational human being, but apparently not to a comment-leaver. You need to check out that comment. So to be clear: the Twins might be interested in Johan Santana and they are not going to fire Paul Molitor before he manages a game. Sorry for opinionating…

See you in 2015 when I opinionate some more!

Much love,


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