Minnesota Twins: 5 Reasons 2015 Will Be Great

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As we come to a close on the year that was 2014, it is time to start taking a look ahead to the year that will be. For the Minnesota Twins and their fans, 2014 was anything but exciting, 2015 however has all of the makings of a year that will be a polar opposite. As you celebrate the turn of the calendar, and spring training draws near, it’s time to offer you some reason for excitement in the year ahead.

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In working to provide some context, each of these reasons is given without any specific order. As with all things to be excited about, great things come to those who wait. Whether or not the reason has already been fulfilled with a direct impact on the upcoming season, or will take place in 2015, they are stand as rays of hope for Twins fans.

Let’s get into it!