Minnesota Twins Interested In Johan Santana Again


Ready for some déjà vu, Minnesota Twins fans? Remember last year when the Minnesota Twins were going after Johan Santana? They’re doing it again!

Yes, Santana is going to pitch some winter ball and the Twins will be interested again according to Darren Wolfson of KSTP. Of course, Santana will have to prove that he is healthy again, a big concern, but think about that possibility.

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The Twins could have twice the Johan Santana’s!

Yes, Ervin Santana was also Johan Santana before he changed his named to Ervin. Double the Johans, double the fun!

Johan, of course, would not be getting anywhere close to the millions upon millions that Ervin Santana got, but wouldn’t it be fun to get the band back together?! We have Torii Hunter back, so let’s get Luis Rivas, Corey Koskie, Jacque Jones and let’s fire Paul Molitor right now and hire Doug Mientkiewicz instead.

In all seriousness though, taking a flier on Johan Santana on a minor league deal isn’t the worst idea in the world. Low risk, potentially high reward kind of move.

Will Johan ever be the Cy Young type pitcher he was before? No.

Could he be decent and a fairly good arm for the Twins? I like to hold on to some hope.

It wouldn’t be a huge move, but a fun, cheap and potentially well-worth it. Let’s bring the band back together.

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