Twins Making Last Ditch Effort At Torii Hunter


As was widely reported this morning, it appeared as if the Texas Rangers had become the front runner to land the services of 39-year-old Torii Hunter. While it has yet to be reported otherwise, it now appears the Twins are making their intentions known it what can be seen as a last ditch effort.

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Darren Wolfson is reporting that the Twins have in fact made Torii Hunter an offer, and it is for one or two years. Yet to be confirmed, a two year deal would have the Twins on the hook for Hunter at the age of 41.

As Puckett’s Pond’s own Matthew Krier wrote earlier this morning, the Twins should still be hoping that Hunter rejects their offer and goes to the Rangers, or anyone else for that matter. While thinking with your heart, Twins fans may struggle with that notion, however using your head, it is clear that this would not be a move conducive of moving the club forward.

Because he is 39 and a former member of the Twins, many have suggested that Hunter would play mentor on an otherwise young club. Sure that narrative sounds great in theory, but after having left the Twins, Torii Hunter has gone two different places with the sole desire of winning. What reason would he have to turn from that goal at this point?

Also, with other options on the market, Dayan Viciedo and Peter Bourjos as we reasoned this morning, why go for Hunter as nothing more than an ode to the fans? If Torii Hunter had a different name on the back of his jersey, the same fans longing for his return would likely be singing a different tune.

At any rate, thanks to Wolfson’s report, it appears official. The Twins have made an offer, now Torii it’s on you to do the Minnesota nice thing and turn it down, at least for the Twins sake.

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