Minnesota Twins Web Gems: Retirement, Ballot and DVDs


Another Monday is done, but it was yet another busy Monday in the world of baseball. Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez have both reportedly gone to the Boston Red Sox in an effort for 2015 to be a first place year in the every other year exchange of first and last place Sox finishes. That plus a whole lot more in today’s Minnesota Twins Web Gems.

As mentioned before, Hanley Ramirez has gone Red.Even though he wasn’t a lifelong Dodger, he still was a fan favorite in Los Angeles. Read an e

motional editorial from Lasorda’s Lair


More from Minnesota Twins News

  • Panda wasn’t the only third baseman getting paid on Monday. Kyle Seager also got a major contract. Sodo Mojo has more on $100 million dollar deal.
  • It kind of flew under the radar, but Oakland acquire Ike Davis on Sunday. What will he do for the A’s you ask? Swingin’ A’s answers your very opportune question.
  • The headline says it all: Dodgers Trade For Juan Nicasio For Unknown Reasons. That headline comes courtesy of Lasodora’s Lair.
  • The ever-so-popular World Series film has been released. You can even win a copy for the Giants fan or baseball fan in your life through Call To The Pen.
  • Even though Jay Bruce might not be coming to Minnesota, it looks like he might be on the Toronto Blue Jays’ radar. Jays Journal has more.
  • Some Twins stories for you: Josh Willingham announced his retirement on Monday. He was a very powerful man for the Twins in his time here.
  • Also, the Hall of Fame ballot is out and everybody’s favorite Eddie, Eddie Guardado, is on the ballot. You can also see the legitimate shots for the Hall as well.
  • Have a marvelous Tuesday. May it bring you great joy and peace. Go Twins!

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