Minnesota Twins Web Gems: Adam LaRoche, Letters and Trades


Did you have a good Friday? I hope you did. While your Friday might have been busy, your Saturday is now here and you are ready to catch up on the news you missed from yesterday. Here is the Minnesota Twins Web Gems for the Friday that was:

Late on Friday, the Chicago White Sox made a big signing. The Southsiders snatched up

Adam LaRoche

late on Friday evening.

Southside Showdown has the details


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  • TRADE! Daniel Robertson has been dealt from the Texas Rangers to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Los Angeles, California, United States of America, North America, Planet Earth… Halo Hangout brings you more.
  • ANOTHER TRADE! Reymond Fuentes goes from the Padres to the Royals, Kyle Bartsch goes from the Royals to the Padres. Friars On Base inform us on the trade.
  • By now you probably know that Giancarlo Stanton signed a huge deal with the Miami Marlins. Stanton wrote a letter to the City of Miami and Marlin Maniac has the letter and more.
  • Back to more Padres news. San Diego has offered Pablo Sandoval a deal. Kung Fu Panda Pandemonium brought to you by Friars On Base.
  • Jose Molina was designated for assignment earlier in the week. Could he be a fit with the Chicago Cub and reunite with Joe Maddon? Cubbies Crib has the lowdown.
  • Couple Twins notes for the day: nothing so far on the pitching coach search other than the two candidates. Torii Hunter might be wanting a little too much money for the Minnesota Twins to afford. I am shocked.
  • Here’s to a continued great weekend. Hit the treadmill in front of all the turkey in the coming week. Go Twins!

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