Torii Hunter Might Demand Too Much Money For Minnesota Twins


If you don’t want Torii Hunter back on the Minnesota Twins, you might be in luck. Why? Well, the usual reason. The Twins might have their checkbooks just clinched a little too hard.

Eight million for a year of Torii Hunter’s services seems reasonable to me. When I say reasonable, I mean that is the approximate contract that whatever team Hunter signs with should be signing him to.

I have made it clear that I don’t think the Twins should re-sign their former player, but if they really want him, they can’t be so stingy with their money. I know this is an all too common criticism of the Twins, but if you won’t pay a guy very basic salary.

Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press even states in one of the tweets that five million for a year might be too much for the Twins to handle to get Hunter’s services. Does that mean the Twins will do virtually nothing this entire offseason?

They wouldn’t be able to afford Torii Hunter at five million?

I don’t want Torii Hunter on the Twins, but it’s concerning to think the Twins couldn’t even afford him if he took a drastic hometown discount.

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