Eddie Guardado: Gold Glove Caliber Memories


Eddie Guardado is one my heroes. Seriously, I love Eddie Guardado. He was an emotional, unconventional closer and the emotion won over a very young impressionable me.

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Every Day Eddie was hired on to be the Minnesota Twins’ pitching coach on Thursday, at least it was reported as so.

Every time I think about Eddie Guardado multiple stories come to my mind. I was there for his first game in his return to the Twins in 2008, I was there when he was inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame, but the one story I love to tell was the night before I was actually at the diamond.

The day of the story was May 30, 2002. The Twins eventually won in extra-innings thanks to a Cristian Guzman sacrifice fly to score Dustan Mohr. The score ended up being 7-6, but it was a defensive play by Guardado in the ninth that stole my heart.

Yes, Eddie caught the ball of the speaker. Yes, the Metrodome was in fact awesome because balls would go into the roof and off of speakers. Only Tropicana Field can be considered better with the lovely catwalks up in the roof.

Welcome, Eddie Guardado. Here’s to making our lives a little lighter and improving the young arms of the future of the Minnesota Twins.

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