Due Diligence or a Smokescreen for the Twins Managerial Opening?


The Minnesota Twins are now a couple of weeks removed from yet another dreadful regular season. Following the 90 loss campaign, the Twins fired manager Ron Gardenhire (despite offering him another job within the organization), and have moved forward looking for their next candidate.

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Immediately after the firing, Twins general manager Terry Ryan noted that the search would not only be conducted from within, but also in looking at outside candidates. However, as Twins fans, the song and dance may be worn out, so what if looking at outside candidates is simply a way to appease Twins Territory?

At this point, former Twins player Chip Hale has been named the next manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was one of several candidates scheduled to interview with the Twins for the opening. However, Hale apparently cancelled his interview with the Twins to see the process with the Diamondbacks through.

This got me thinking, the Twins managerial search is going to go only one of two ways: they hire from within, or they don’t. Groundbreaking I know, but think about it deeper, is that a predetermined question, and if so, are you ok with it? As of this point, we have heard names like Sandy Alomar Jr., Joe McEwing, and Torey Lovullo when it comes to names outside of the organization. Doug Mientkiewicz and Paul Molitor are the headlining candidates from within the organization. Terry Ryan addressed the managerial vacancy during a recent town hall call with Twins season ticket holders, and he mentioned that the search was in no hurry until the right candidate was found. While it sounds great that the Twins are exploring all options, what happens when Mientkiewicz or Molitor is the choice that is named.

With Hale now accepting the Diamondbacks job, and some of the other organizational names sure to fall, I can’t help but feel as if the Twins are ok “missing out.” Going into the coaching search, I was completing behind either Mientkiewicz or Molitor, thinking both of them would be a good fit, regardless of their organization ties.

I still feel as if that is the case, but should it turn out that way, I can’t help but feel as if the Twins were simply doing the fans a favor. Wanting one of the Minnesota guys all along, but going the conventional route of interviewing to deflect the negativity of once again, promoting from within.

So, when the ink dries and the Twins have their new manager, should it be Doug Mientkiewicz or Paul Molitor, do you feel like the interview process really mattered at all? Terry Ryan and the organization may gain some strong insight from outside personalities, but maybe that was all they were after. I suppose at this point we don’t know, but it’s something to consider with the decision looming.

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