Minnesota Twins: Do we learn anything knowing owner Jim Pohlad likes Yu Darvish?

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 17: Yu Darvish
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 17: Yu Darvish /

The Minnesota Twins owner Jim Pohlad expressed his fondness for Yu Darvish over the weekend. What does that mean as far as the Twins actually signing him?

The Minnesota Twins hosted their annual event for fans this weekend, TwinsFest. Out of the event came a series of comments from owner Jim Pohlad that shot optimism through anyone who has since heard those words.

Pohlad was asked about the chance that the Twins would sign any of the remaining big name free agent starting pitchers. Pohlad responded with, “Yes, I’m totally on board with that.” One of the big four, that is great! What about the big fish we have all been wondering about in Yu Darvish?

Later, Pohlad was asked directly about whether or not he was a Darvish fan. His response, “Who wouldn’t be? I mean he is a cool guy.  I admit to being a Yu Darvish fan. I admit that.” Awesome! The owner likes Darvish and is on board with landing one of the big name free agents, what does that mean?

From my seat outside the Twins front office, rumblings have always pointed to the fact that, believe it or not the Pohlad’s are willing to spend money. Now not just spend money to throw money around, but spend it in impactful ways to improve the product they own and give leadership to.

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It always sounded as Terry Ryan had full freedom to spend more than he did. It seems he just didn’t see how it would benefit the team effectively to raise the payroll with several of the rosters he was in charge of since the opening of Target Field. We have already seen this front office clear a never before seen hurdle from a contract sense in signing an outside free agent reliever to a multi-year deal when Addison Reed signed his 2 years and $16.75 million contract a couple of weeks ago.

How far the Pohlad’s and Derek Falvey/Thad Levine are willing to go on Darvish will remain the big question. Is that elusive sixth year something the Twins are willing to give Darvish even if the end of that contract might turn disastrous but means potential World Series titles now?

While we wait and see one thing is certain. The longer this lingers, the more teams that may be willing to step into the fray. Ultimately, that is what landed the Twins Reed, and now the Milwaukee Brewers have stepped into the Darvish race by formerly offering the pitcher a contract.

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Reality is that the owner’s words may mean nothing once spring training hits. At the same time, they may mean everything as far as a glimpse into the philosophy of the Twins front office. For now we will simply need to continue holding onto every tweet and link that comes out with information about the next rumor surrounding Darvish. Many of us will just hope one of those tweets soon read something like, “Breaking: Twins agree to sign Yu…” and for that we wait.