Minnesota Twins: Would a Brian Dozier extension be wise?

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Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier has stated that he is open to an extension with the team. Should the Twins make the move?

The Minnesota Twins have benefited greatly from the elite play from second baseman Brian Dozier over the last two seasons. As he is coming into his free agent season in 2018, would the Minnesota Twins be wise to discuss an extension with Dozier?

Brian Dozier has recently mentioned that he would be willing to sign an extension to remain with the Minnesota Twins. This comes after the 2016-2017 offseason when the Twins were in trade conversations with at least one team about moving Dozier.

The Twins were not willing to let Dozier go without a premium return, which stalled the talks with the Dodgers last offseason, and now the look will be much different coming off of a playoff season in 2017. Certainly the Twins cannot trade away their Gold Glove second baseman and leadoff hitter, but can they afford to keep him after the season?

Even with expanded payroll that is clear to happen this offseason and likely going forward, affording Dozier’s contract in the future could get to be an issue. There are many angles to the issue, though.

We will take a look at both sides of the argument for an extension with Dozier, including some likely dollar figures that it would take to extend him. We will also look at the reasons why an extension could be a bad idea for both the long- and short-term health of the franchise. Last, we will look at what options there will be after 2018 if the Twins do not extend Dozier.

First we will take a look at exactly who Brian Dozier is, and why he’s a guy that is worthy of getting this much attention in Twins territory as his current contract is set to come to an end.

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