Twins Dealing With Illness In Florida


The Minnesota Twins have now begun their Spring Training schedule in full swing, but unfortunately they are already dealing with some unfortunate circumstances. With full squad workouts well underway, the Twins now have a full clubhouse. The organization has watched as a handful of players have been sent home with illness however.

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Trevor Plouffe was one of the first to be sent home with an illness, and the bug seems to have made its way throughout the clubhouse. A handful of players have now been dismissed for the day with sickness. Although not expected to be anything serious, the Twins likely aren’t thrilled about the illness traveling amongst their players.

Given that the team continues to be in such close proximity of each other, it’s quite possible that more players find themselves on the unfortunate end of the sickness as well. Here’s to hoping that the Twins can get the bug out of the clubhouse, and move on with a healthy spring.

While the Twins aren’t dealing with the mumps as their in state hockey team did earlier this season, any illness is less than ideal. At the end of the day however, is this is the biggest worry the Twins have during the spring, that should be viewed as a very good thing.

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