Johan Santana Signs With The Toronto Blue Jays


Torii Hunter came back which didn’t feel like it would happen. Kevin Garnett came back which seemed impossible. Johan Santana seemed like he would come back, but it was not meant to be. Santana has signed with the Toronto Blue Jays.

It’s a minor-league deal which is good value for the Blue Jays. A minor league contract is worth the risk, because it’s possible Santana finds some of his stuff once again. It’s also possible that he crashes and burns.

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The major question is if Santana can stay healthy, the question that has dominated Santana’s life for the last couple of offseasons.

The Blue Jays threw Santana a major league spring training invitation which is nice.

The move should not make a huge impact. The sense is that Santana is more washed up that Hunter and even Garnett at this point. Twins fans hoped for a reunion that would have felt a lot like what just happened across the plaza at Target Center.

Santana had his best years as a Twin with some decent success with the New York Mets, as well. His two Cy Young seasons will always be remembered in Minnesota.

Santana’s comeback will be an up-hill battle. Santana has not pitched in the major leagues since 2012 and has not pitched in back-to-back seasons since 2009-2010.

We wish Johan Santana the best and maybe the Blue Jays. I’m skeptical about the Blue Jays.

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