Brian Dozier Further Solidifies Average Stance


While Spring Training is now underway for the Minnesota Twins, and there are undoubtedly going to be a ton of quotes. Not all of them are worthy of a story, but this one plays into the fun we discussed last week. Brian Dozier gets that his average doesn’t matter, and he has fun letting people know.

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A fan recently was interacting on Twitter with Mike Berardino of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He apparently was pleased with the answer Dozier gave Berardino in response to a specific question, but still took the time to bring up average. While the argument may have held weight, interjecting Fantasy Baseball probably wasn’t a good idea.

Here’s the problem, and the reason it was a talking point for us last week, average doesn’t matter at all to the extent many fans believe. Batting average is indicative of many things, with quality being amongst the lowest on that list. On base percentage is a far more productive stat when it comes to evaluating ability at the plate, and Brian Dozier is more than sufficient in that category.

Whether Brian Dozier raises his average in 2015 or not remains up in the air, but if he hits along his career lines, expecting solid power and a respectable on base percentage is more than valuable enough for the Twins.

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