All Minnesota Twins Expected In Camp On Monday


The Minnesota Twins are one of the last teams to report to spring training, but the Twins are already winners of camp. Everyone is expected to be in camp on Monday.

This shouldn’t be a major accomplishment, but it is noteworthy. No player is caught up in legal troubles or passport drama or anything. Everyone is expected to be in Florida ripping and ready to go for the 2015 season.

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Also ready is the stadium the Twins call home during the spring: Hammond Stadium. After a huge overhaul of the stadium, the Twins held an open house for fans on Sunday. By the looks of it on Twitter, it looks like the Twins have done it right.

Plus, the following is now a thing that exists:

The Twins might not be a team that is winning a whole lot of ballgames recently, but, dammit, are they doing well on the building stadiums thing. First Target Field and now down in Florida.

If you’re heading down to Florida, enjoy the new digs, the sunshine and the fact that baseball is finally back in our lives. We made it, everybody! High fives go around to anybody and everybody.

Enjoy the baseball!

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