2015 Twins: How Much Does Veteran Versatility Matter?


When it comes to Twins pitching during the 2015 season, you can bet that quite a few things will be different. Gone are the days of a makeshift starting rotation, and in turn the bullpen will experience relief. The biggest asset that the Twins will have at their disposal is veteran versatility, but how much does it really matter?

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Yesterday Brandon Warne of Cold Omaha was on 105 The Ticket talking Twins. He brought up names like Mike Pelfrey and Tim Stauffer when discussing the Twins bullpen options, and what they could mean for the 2015 season. Although both are in the discussion when it comes to filling out the starting rotation, both appear poised for other things. Warne then brought up the discussion of veteran versatility, something the Twins look to have plenty of in 2015.

Considering that the Twins best option when it came to bridging gaps between the starters and relievers in recent years landed on a guy named Anthony Swarzak, the 2015 Twins should have a different feel to them. When it comes to veteran options, the arms throughout the pitching ranks seem to be plentiful. Both on the starting and relief fronts, veterans should be expected to showcase versatility that the Twins have made an asset.

Stauffer is a low 30’s reliever with nine major league seasons under his belt. He has experience starting and has been reliable in relief. Much has already been made about Pelfrey but the idea that he can make spot starts as well is not something that should be overlooked. Adding Tommy Milone to the list of pitchers who have gotten it done at the major league level only continues to bolster the Twins potential options.

In years past, the Twins have had to piece together parts of the bullpen or rotation due to ineffectiveness and injuries. Looking at the context of the veteran versatility Warne was referring to, the days of figuring out the puzzle seem to be over for the Twins. With relief options a plenty, and there are plenty, as well as an abundance of arms to fill out the rotation, Minnesota should benefit from their veteran versatility.

While fluidity in regards to positional responsibility may be viewed as a negative due to a lack of certainty, the Twins can turn versatility into an asset and exploit it to their benefit.

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