Twins Dodge List Of Baseball’s Worst Contracts

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The Minnesota Twins have and always will be known as a small market ball club. In a league in which there is no salary cap, teams are allowed to spend whatever they can afford to construct the best team possible. With the Yankees and Dodgers having lucrative television deals, their payrolls are often amongst the highest in the major leagues.

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Unfortunately, with high payrolls also comes ugly contracts. To reach plateaus that no other teams touch, you almost certainly have to have signed players for far more than they are worth. Recently, Bill Simmons’ site Grantland took a look at the worst contracts in baseball history.

While it may come as a surprise to many that the Twins and Joe Mauer have avoided this list, it really shouldn’t.

Before we get into why Mauer and the Twins avoided this list, let’s take a look t who made it.

Grantland compiled the 10 worst contracts in baseball history as such…