Twinsfest Remains A Cut Above For Minnesota


As we take a look around the landscape of Major League Baseball, the offseason is where fans are rejuvenated for the upcoming year. With the Twins coming off of four 90 loss season, it is in how the offseason is handled that the next season is received. Trades and acquisitions aside, Twinsfest sets itself apart.

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During the latter park of this week, I have found myself on the west coast, and have taken in the landscape of San Francisco, California. With two clubs, both the Giants and Athletics, within close proximity baseball remains king (I suppose it doesn’t hurt that the Raiders aren’t any good either). With that being said, the San Francisco Giants are coming off of a World Series victory, arguably at the height of the existence. The only problem would seem to be the capitalization is lacking.

Having walked around AT&T Park the other day, it was apparent that crews were preparing for something. One lone signs hanging above the statue of Willie Mays signified that Saturday marked the one day in which the Giants would celebrate their Fan Fest. No, it wasn’t a weekend spectacle as the Twins partake in, and nowhere near the amount of visitors take in the event.

Whether you are fed up with the Twins losing or not, there is little doubt they handle their fans correctly. As 2015 looms, it would appear there is no such false hope, and the corner is truly destined to be turned. However, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters were able to embark on Target Field for three days in January. Baseball became a sport that allowed them to meet their favorite superstars, and one that gave more than an otherworldly meaning to the game.

The Twins are pondering what to do next with Twinsfest, as the two-year trial period with Target Field is coming to an end. No matter what takes place however, there is little doubt that the long running event will be handled in vain. Not just crammed into a day, but giving the fans their due, the Twins see where their true value is derived from, and 2015 will be one of the first the begin to give back on the field as well.

Twins Territory, we have it alright in the offseason, and greener pastures are ahead. Twinsfest is done right, and the season should follow suit.

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