Are The Twins Better Than Their World Series Odds?


As we sit on January 19, Bovada Sportsbook has once again shaken the landscape when it comes to the futures bets for the World Series winner. With the Washington Nationals signing Max Scherzer to a seven-year deal today, they have grabbed the favorite title at 6/1 odds. The Twins sit in a distant last at 100/1, but are they really that bad?

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With World Series odds being constantly shuffled, many things are reflective of a knee-jerk reaction to the latest signing or trade. The Twins haven’t made many huge splashes this offseason, and their track record warrants no significant World Series consideration. While it is almost certain that the Twins will not win the World Series in 2015, they also are not as bad as the odds suggest they are.

Joining Minnesota at 100/1 odds are the Philadelphia Phillies, Colorado Rockies, and Arizona Diamondbacks. It is plausible to make the argument that of those teams, the Twins have separated themselves from the pack. Although this may seem somewhat irrelevant considering the ultimate distance separating reality, it is something to monitor as the 2015 season wears on.

In Philadelphia, an all out dumpster fire has erupted. The team is looking to hedge off players at a rate that will nullify at least some of their slide. The Colorado Rockies did next to nothing to get better this offseason, and their two biggest stars still remain prime candidates to miss most of the upcoming season. Finally, the Diamondbacks find themselves looking for new direction. Tony La Russa is being turned to for help, and the directional change will take time.

Ervin Santana brings legitimacy to a Twins rotation so desperately craving just that. A season ago, the Twins proved able to score runs, but found themselves unable to stop them. In 2015, the landscape could be shifted, and the turnaround of the franchise should begin.

Looking at how we see the AL Central shaking out this season, the Twins stand to be out with some things to prove. A Royals team that has regressed sits at 25/1 odds, while a Tigers team looking for rotational answers sits at 14/1 odds. The White Sox find themselves checking in at 20/1 odds with the Indians standing firm at 28/1. Looking at those numbers, it would appear that the White Sox remain the best bet, with the Indians being a close second in terms of return on investment.

Once again, the Twins are not going to win the World Series in 2015, but the group they find themselves amongst is also not the most accurate depiction. Minnesota may have been amongst the worst teams in baseball the past four years, but 2015 should begin to usher in a new era.

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