The Optishot 2, A Ballplayer’s Offseason Dream


It is more than well documented that baseball and golf go hand in hand. Ok, maybe that’s not completely the case, and while many players separate the two for fear of ruining either swing, golf is a pitcher’s retreat. The Minnesota Twins have had plenty of good golfers on the roster in the past, and currently do as well. Thanks to Optishot Golf, you can have the game with you always.

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The Optishot2 is a compact golf simulator from Optishot Golf that allows players to take their game on the road. Compatible with both Mac and Windows, users of the Optishot2 can set up their own simulator and head out for 18 on some of the most famous courses in the world.

In a press release from Optishot Golf, CEO Russell Edens says, “In golf, consistent play and practice is essential for improvement. The convenience and ease of OptiShot2 makes it the perfect golf simulator for any player to play better. OptiShot2 players are not hampered by weather, money or time constraints. Practice or play is now available 24/7/365. And with OptiShot Live, a full round of golf against other players is there at any time.”

Using analytics, shot tracing, and sensors, Optishot2 can easily be calibrated to every glove in your bag forthe most realistic experience yet. With a handful of game modes spanning from Stroke and Match Play to Best Ball and Skins.

Whether your course is currently covered in snow, or blistering hot, Optishot2 turns any playing surface into an immaculate 18 and allows for your game to be perfected on the go. Optishot2 can be purchased for $499.95 from

Check it out today, and stay tuned for our full product review.

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