Minnesota Twins Year In Review: February 2014


On to the month of love, February. The month saw a lot of rumors about some beat up pitchers. I also kind of looked into the future. Not to brag, but me getting something right is a pretty big deal. Warning: I will probably point out every time I am right throughout the Year in Review series. It was a long year for all of us.

Here we go:

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5. Twins Should Trade Josh Willingham

I called it! Look at me, mom! Back in February I said the Twins should trade the Hammer, because he was a statue in left field and before the season ended they finally listened to me. Willingham got dealt to the Royals and was a Madison Baumgartner away from winning a World Series ring. Seems like a nice guy, but he needed to be moved.

4. Flashback: When The Twins Were Saved

In February it was the 12 year anniversary of the Twins basically getting up and walking away from their death bed. See kids, once upon a time the Twins were going to get contracted, the team was no longer going to exist, but 12 years ago it was decided that the Twins would still be a thing. We’re thankful for that. Except for maybe the last couple years. I kid.

3. Rich Harden Maybe Being A Thing

Remember Rich Harden? At one time he was a good MLB starting pitcher. He got hurt came to the Twins dirt cheap in 2013 and got hurt. Then it was rumored he and the Twins might get back together. I was quite excited because he was one of my dark horse candidates to revive his career and the Twins pitching staff… None of that happened. It was still a fun story.

2. The Aaron Hicks Debate

Aaron Hicks has been a big question mark for a while for the Twins and he was last February. On the Pond we had a debate series and the debate was if Hicks should be the center fielder in 2014. Hicks got the nod on the website and with manager Ron Gardenhire for a while. Hicks got over 70% of the vote saying he should start last February, I doubt he’d get the same now.

1. Pushing Off Johan

A big story in January was the potential addition of Johan Santana. That ruled in February again with the biggest story of the month of Puckett’s Pond being the report that the Twins would not sign Santana until at least mid-season, the rest is history. But, hey, he could always come back this offseason.

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