Rich Harden and the Minnesota Twins: Still Kinda, Maybe A Thing


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The dream, my dream, it is still alive. I thought it was dead after last season, but someone up there is smiling down at me. Take it away, tweet from Doogie:

I am fist pumping, fist pumping so dang hard right now. I don’t even know where to begin. This is like when you really screw things up with your girlfriend, for instance you forget Valentine’s Day (which is Friday, guys) and you think for sure she’ll break up with you, but then she says she might want to keep this going. Sure, you don’t know if she actually will or if she’s just playing, but, hey, she’s cute and has a nice butt.

Rich Harden hasn’t pitched at the major league level since 2011 when he went 4-4 with the Texas Rangers in 15 starts. Harden has actually only started 160 games in nine seasons appearing at the big league level with a career 3.76 ERA.

Harden will probably never pitch again in the big leagues, but last year I said he was going to be a main cog of the Minnesota Twins starting rotation and I’m not going to give up on that dream. Most fans want Johan Santana, I want to be proven right about Rich Harden.

Historically, Harden ranks 716 overall in the pitchers category according to Baseball Reference, right behind, Eric Gagne and former Twin Al Worthington. The honest truth I don’t want to tell is that 85-year-old Worthington has about the same chance of ever pitching for the Twins than Rich Harden… Keeping the dream alive!

Patrick Reusse put this all perfectly: