Minnesota Twins Year In Review: January 2014


It was an interesting year in Twins Territory. Interesting is how I feel like I should describe it. It’s the holidays and I don’t really want to rehash another year of 90-losses. Throughout the last days of the month, we will be going through the stories that our readers flocked to throughout the highlighted month. We’ll highlight five stories a month and look back on the good ol’ days that were 2014.

Let’s start, naturally, with January.

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5. Johan Santana Push

It truly did feel like Panda Watch from Anchorman for a while. One of the huge stories of last offseason was the Twins potentially re-signing Johan Santana to a minor league deal. Johan didn’t sign with the Twins and he eventually got hurt again, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from flying again this offseason about the Twins and the former Cy Young award winner.

4. Signing Corey Wimberly 

Sometimes weird things get our attention or at least makes us scratch our heads. When I was looking back at what was our biggest headlines, I will admit that I barely remember the signing. That doesn’t say much for Wimberly. Wimberly didn’t make any headlines for the Twins last season and that’s not real shocking when looking back at it.

3. I Wanted Stephen Drew

Not real shocking that I was wrong, but I was wrong. I was ripped as soon as I said that the Twins should sign Stephen Drew and I have to say the rippers were correct. Stephen Drew did little to move the meter in 2014 and it would have been a waste of a pick and money for the Twins. The success of Danny Santana, that none of us knew was coming, really makes my train of thought look like a very bad riding train.

2. Big Name Rumors

Big names always get our attention. Three big names were floating around the Twins and none of them came to fruition in January. Real shocker, right? Unlike this offseason, the Twins did not sign a huge free agent, but were linked to the likes of Stephen Drew, Chone Figgins and Bronson Arroyo.

1. Interest In Mark Reynolds

I am as shocked as you. According to our stats, the biggest story on Puckett’s Pond in January was the fact that the Twins were interested in Mark Reynolds. Yes. Mr. I-never-capitalize-a-single-word-in-my-tweets from CBS listed the Twins as a potential suitor for Reynolds and nothing happened. Reynolds would eventually sign with the border rival Milwaukee Brewers.

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