Ron Gardenhire Likely To Sit Out 2015 Season


When Ron Gardenhire was fired earlier this year, he had one year remaining on his contract. It looks like Gardy might just take the money and run.

According to Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press via Terry Ryan that it is likely that Gardenhire will take the 2015 year off. This is of interest to the Minnesota Twins as the organization offered Gardenhire another position within the organization after relieving him of his managerial duties.

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This will be the first year in a long time that Gardenhire will not be directly under Minnesota Twins employment. Gardenhire has been with the organization since 1987.

Gardenhire gets to sit at home and bowl and fish and do whatever out of work managers do in 2015 while still getting paid for the 2015 season. Gardy will be getting a nice little two million dollar paycheck to not manage the Twins.

Despite the year off, do not be surprised when Gardenhire is one of the first managers off the board next offseason. Despite the downturn in success a new voice in the Twins clubhouse and new scenery for Gardenhire is probably the best move for all of the parties involved.

I’d like to sit back and bowl for two million.

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