Twins Weighing On Torii Hunter


The San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, a host of other clubs, and the Minnesota Twins all have at least one thing in common. Each of these organizations is vying for the right to sign veteran outfielder Torii Hunter to a new contract. At 39 years old however, Hunter brings something different to each of these teams, and for the Twins, the decision looms larger.

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Last season, Torii Hunter played for a very good Detroit Tigers team. Forget the fact that they had one of the worst bullpens in recent history, the lineup was daunting, and the team was poised to make a deep playoff run. Unfortunately for Hunter, that didn’t happen, his contract ran dry, and he is seeking his next place of employment.

As mentioned previously, there is no shortage of suitors, but one strikes as more intriguing than most. Having experienced winning ways in his last two stops with the Angels and Tigers, Hunter appears to be seriously mulling a return to the doldrums of the AL Central with the Minnesota Twins.

That being said, a return to the Twins is a weighted decision for Torii Hunter.

At 39 years old, a World Series ring is becoming ever more elusive. There is never a guarantee that a team is going to bring one home, but there are certain stops that could put players in better position. Unfortunately for Twins fans, Minnesota isn’t one of them at the moment.

Should Torii Hunter decide to return to the Twins, it would be a reunion, and a decision rooted in who he is as a person. Rather than chasing a ring, Torii would be making the choice to work towards making a difference. With a budding farm system and talented up and coming outfielders, Hunter could provide mentorship to young Twins players as he winds down his career.

The shift in thought process, from winning to giving back, is one that makes a Torii Hunter return to the Minnesota Twins that much more loaded. Ken Rosenthal said that the decision is must definitely on Hunter’s mind.

Should Torii Hunter return to the Minnesota Twins? Only he can answer whether or not he feels that is the right decision. However, if Torii does in fact make a final stop at Target Field, the Twins have a responsibility to make it worthwhile.

Desires, heart, winning, whatever the case may be, the level of commitment shown to the Twins franchise signified by a return shouldn’t go unnoticed. At the end of the day, Torii Hunter is going to collect a paycheck. If it’s the Pohlad’s signing it, making sure the money is well spent is on Terry Ryan accelerating the system and empowering Hunter.

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