Giving Thanks as a Twins Fan


It’s that time of year again…time to pack up the family and travel to all points near and far in Twins Territory for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Tables all around this great land will have the good china out, a stuffed bird for all to admire, and people surrounded by family that they

have spent all year trying to avoid

love dearly and enjoy their company.

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Like many of you, we in the Krier household will go around the table and each of us will come up with a list of things we’re thankful for.  I’ll be thankful for gainful employment, health of loved ones, and time spent with friends and family, and whatever other lies I can come up with.

What will I really be thankful for? Despite the last four years, there are still quite a few things to be thankful for as a Twins fan.

  • The fact that every Major League baseball season starts with your team 0-0 and last year’s record doesn’t carry over.
  • Alex Meyer‘s 98 mph fastball
  • Kennys Vargas making contact with a hanging curve.
  • Not having to hear the term “Pitch to Contact” anymore (hopefully).
  • Brian Dozier going to his right at 2nd base.
  • Bert being Bert.
  • Cory Provus and Dan Gladden on the radio.
  • Tom Kelly doing color commentary on TV.
  • The fact that Everyday Eddie Guardado is back in my life.
  • Target Field
  • Dreams of Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton finally being healthy and in the Twins’ lineup at some point soon.
  • Memories of ’87 & ’91
  • The fact that I won’t be bombarded with the hashtag #FireGardy anymore.
  • Phil Hughes doing Phil Hughes things in 2014
  • The fact that we’re to Thanksgiving and almost all our coaching spots are filled. (Christmas is coming quick, guys.)
  • There are only 86 days until Pitchers and Catchers are scheduled to report to Spring Training.

Oh, and the love and happiness of my wife and children, yada, yada, yada…

How about you, Twins fans?  What are you thankful for this holiday season in regards to our beloved and yet tormenting team?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Until next time…

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