Help Get Minnesota Twins Legend Harmon Killebrew On a Stamp


Remember back in the old days when you had to send actual letters? Yeah, those things you went to the post office to get. Ask your parents about them kids.

Anyway, the U.S. Postal Service has one thing figured out and that is that stamps are cool. Stamps are really cool if you put different cool designs or people on the stamps. The U.S. Postal Service is currently considering putting Minnesota Twins legend Harmon Killebrew on a real life future U.S. postal stamp.

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The Minnesota Twins’ official website says to write a letter to the following if you’d like to make your support of the Killebrew idea known to the people in power:

Susan McGowan
Executive Director
Stamps Services
United States Postal Services
475 Lenfat Plaza SW
Washington, DC 20260-3501

I hope everyone is having the same thought as me. There is someone who gets paid as Executive Director of Stamps Services. That is either the best job ever or the most boring job in the world. I honestly can’t decide.

Also, you are supposed to send a copy of the letter you send to D.C. to the following:

Lenny Mileo
1476 Kingston Ave.
Baldwin, NY 11510

The Twins website doesn’t make it clear why, but why should I question it.

Let’s do this Twins fans. This make one of our legends become a legendary stamp that stands the test of time.

More information may come available in the coming days from the Twins’ official site.

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