Twins Last In 2015 World Series Odds


The Minnesota Twins had a rough season in 2014. Another 90 loss campaign saw Ron Gardenhire get fired as well as the organization as a whole fielding a lot of questions. Many of the answers however, are just a few levels down on the farm system. It will take a while for many of those prospects to contribute at the Major League Level though, and Bovada is noting that.

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With the San Francisco Giants capping off a World Series victory last night, the newest World Series up for grabs will be the 2015 World Series. Unfortunately for the Twins, the bookmaker doesn’t see Minnesota anywhere near contention. In fact, the Twins are dead last, or tied for it.

Here are your 2015 World Series odds:

Los Angeles Dodgers-15/2
Washington Nationals-15/2
Detroit Tigers-10/1
Los Angeles Angels-10/1
San Francisco Giants-12/1
St. Louis Cardinals-12/1
Kansas City Royals-16/1
Seattle Mariners-18/1
Oakland Athletics-20/1
Pittsburgh Pirates-20/1
Atlanta Braves-22/1
Baltimore Orioles-22/1
Boston Red Sox-22/1
New York Yankees-22/1
Cleveland Indians-25/1
Chicago Cubs-33/1
Cincinnati Reds-33/1
Tampa Bay Rays-33/1
Texas Rangers-33/1
Toronto Blue Jays-33/1
Chicago White Sox-40/1
Milwaukee Brewers-40/1
New York Mets-40/1
Miami Marlins-50/1
San Diego Padres-66/1
Philadelphia Phillies-75/1
Arizona Diamondbacks-100/1
Colorado Rockies-100/1
Houston Astros-100/1
Minnesota Twins-100/1

Despite the promise the Twins show, it is going to take some time for that to show up on the diamond. Depending on injuries and promotions, I think a realistic ceiling should be a late season run towards the final Wild Card spot, and the floor should be within five games of .500.

What are your thoughts?

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