Stop Complaining About Another Kenny Chesney Concert


We all just hate the Minnesota Twins, right? That has to be the answer. They are just a horrible thing that brings us no joy in our lives. Screw them.

That’s the only reason I can come up with for the reaction to Monday’s announcement of the Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean concert coming to Target Field this upcoming summer. If Chesney’s mother followed the same people I do on Twitter, she would have broken down in tears.

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I understand that country music is not everyone’s jam. If financially capable, I’d go to all 11 Garth Brooks shows at Target Center that are starting next week. I’m in the initial planning stages of seeing this Chesney/Aldean tour in Kansas City due to a conflict with the weekend they are in Minneapolis. I am a country dork.

Even if you hate country, why are you bitching about the concert selection?

One, if you are complaining about the selection, you probably haven’t had a routine of heading to the concert every summer at Target Field. This past summer with Paul McCartney was the only concert not to be Chesney.

Two, this concert does not affect you at all if you don’t want it to. A season ticket holder is not obligated to go to the concert. Literally no one is obligated to go. The Minnesota Twins did not cancel a game to hold a concert. This does not affect your life if you don’t let it.

Would variety be nice? Sure, but not everyone sells out a stadium like Chesney (and Aldean) or McCartney.

Beer sales are the name of the game. Chesney sells a whole lot of beer. Taylor Swift or One Direction, two of the few acts that could sell out Target Field, do not. T-Swift sells ice cream and t-shirts, not bucket margaritas.

Country is absolutely huge in this market. Maybe ‘market’ is not the best term.

The Twin Cities probably isn’t very country. Okay, it’s not. But if you get past Chaska or Woodbury, just go in any direction that gets you to a cornfield, your liberal oasis is nonexistent.

The rednecks, the real ones not the fake girls who own boots because they think they are cute, flock to the city to see their favorites. I do it, my friends do it and it will always be that way.

If we could build a huge concert venue in Hutchinson or Willmar, we would, but we can’t. Arenas need people to go to the Twins games and Wolves games and concerts by artists that I don’t listen to. Those artists don’t attract enough people west of Chaska.

If you are complaining about another Kenny Chesney concert, stop. This does not affect your life at all.

It affects mine, because Chesney always seems to pick the weekend of Buffalo Lake Days when I get to drink beer and play softball with my friends. That’s the only complaints I want to hear about this concert.

Bitch about the Twins payroll or pitching or how they won’t be hiring Joe Maddon. You wouldn’t care if Chesney and Aldean were across the street at Target Center, so why care that they are Target Field?

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