Joe Maddon to the Twins? Not as Crazy as It Sounds


Folks, things just got interesting.

Joe Maddon, the long-time successful manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, opted-out of his contract with the Rays and is officially on the market for any team who is looking for a manager.

You know, like the Minnesota Twins.

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When I heard the news, my first reaction was “Everyone is going to jump on the ‘Maddon to Minnesota’ crazy-train. There is zero chance Maddon is going to come manage the Twins.”  My first thought was that Maddon would be joining his previous General Manager Andrew Friedman who just signed with the Dodgers. It made perfect sense: Big market? Check. Ownership willing to spend?  A GM Maddon knows and trusts? A roster ready to win now? Check, check, and check. Then we started hearing reports:


If he’s not going to the Dodgers, where else would he go?  I started thinking about what Maddon is comfortable with and what he’s had to deal with during his time with the Rays:

  • He is a manager with ability to coach young players
  • He has worked with one of the deeper, more talented farm systems in the major leagues
  • He has dealt with budget constraints in regards to paying their talent, thus has worked with a revolving door system in regards to replacing talent
  • He has had to manage a team in the decrepit Tropicana Dome, a terrible venue for baseball, and might be interested in a newer ballpark with all the amenities
  • He has had to deal with the Red Sox and Yankees and would like to get out of that East Coast shadow.
  • He has worked in a low-pressure environment with seemingly unlimited job security and might be looking for a similar environment

Hmmmm…..all these sound very familiar.

After a lot of talking to myself, which I’m sure concerned my surrounding company at the local Caribou Coffee, I’m excited to announce:

The Minnesota Twins are the perfect fit for Joe Maddon’s next job.

Wow, that felt good.  It felt right. It felt…destined.

Everyone agrees with me, right?

Eh, what does Buster Olney know?

Until next time….

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