Criminal Rips off Glen Perkins


Minnesota Twins good guy closer, and All-Star this past season, Glen Perkins had to deal with a situation many American’s face on a daily basis today. The professional athlete that has made over $9 million during his career, had his credit card number stolen and swiped.

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Now that we have established athletes are people too, and while their paychecks are big, that is something worth remembering, the criminal that got to Perkins is really dumb.

Not only did you steal from a professional athlete that will cause the likelihood of getting caught to go up, but you did so incredibly foolishly.

Sure, stealing in general is stupid, but a $20 Walmart trip and a vending machine, how dense can people get?

On another note, if you don’t follow Glen on Twitter, you’re doing it wrong. He is one of the most real, down to earth athletes, and his feed in genuinely a lot of fun. Take for instance his theft example, an otherwise stupid moment was a chance for a quick dig.

Good on you Glen for keeping it light, best of luck with the continued recovery, and hopefully the idiot ripping off your credit card turns himself in, I mean that would only be fitting right?

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