Ron Gardenhire More Than Deserving Of Media Good Guy Award


The Minnesota Twins have announced their Diamond Award winners, because it feels nice to win and they really didn’t do it on the actual diamond that much. The Diamond Awards are always fun to look at not matter the season and one thing sticks out on the winner’s list.

This year’s winner of the Media Good Guy award is Ron Gardenhire. That is awesome.

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I’ve been critical of Gardenhire, hell, I was just critical of him last night, but I am no doubt not alone in that category. Gardy has been criticized on every medium, but the award is accurately given.

Ron Gardenhire could have been a grouch all season long, but his last appearance was a lasting image to remember.

Gardenhire went to the press conference that announced his firing as manager. Who does that kind of thing? If you got fired would you stick around for others to ask you and your boss about the decision? No, you wouldn’t. You’d get the hell out of there.

Sure, Gardenhire has been offered a position within the organization and his firing was more out of mercy than it was out of pure futility, but it’s still a beyond classy move.

Ron Gardenhire has his faults as a baseball manager and they were exposed over the course of the last couple seasons, but I do hope that we as Twins fans and observers do remember how classy the guy was.

If it wasn’t so cheesy, I’d push for the Media Good Guy award to be named after Ron Gardenhire. It’d be so much fun to talk about Glen Perkins winning the Ron Gardenhire Media Good Guy award while Gardenhire leads his next team to the World Series. We know that will happen, because, well, Minnesota sports.

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