What The Rest Of The AL Central Has Done That The Minnesota Twins Have Not


Being a Minnesota Twins fan is an interesting endeavor. The Twins have found some success in the last 20 years, but have never found the Promised Land. Something a good amount of teams have done in that time span.

In the 1994 season, the American League Central was born. Since the conception of the division the Cleveland Indians lead the pack with division titles with seven. The Minnesota Twins have six titles. The Detroit Tigers joined in 1998 after the Milwaukee Brewers left for the National League and have won four titles. The Chicago White Sox have won three. Kansas City has won none.

All the teams currently in the American League Central have gone somewhere the Twins haven’t gone…

Ned Yost, a manager with faults, has more wins in the postseason than Ron Gardenhire had in his managerial career with the Minnesota Twins. Yost is currently in his first postseason appearance with the Royals, Gardenhire made it six times to postseason play.

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That Ned Yost thing is just a nice little fun fact to delay the main point which I’m sure many have already realized.

Since the creation of the American League Central, the Minnesota Twins are the only team in the division not to advance to the World Series.

The Twins are the only team to win one playoff series.

The Twins are the ultimate tease.

Cleveland has made the World Series twice. Detroit has made it twice. Chicago made it once and swept for the win. Kansas City’s World Series appearance results are in a holding pattern.

I don’t want to be negative. I don’t want to rain on the Kansas City World Series parade that we seemingly all are enjoying, but it’s still impressive that the Twins can’t crack the code that all of their closest rivals have.

The Royals, a team that has been royally screwed up for almost the entirety of the AL Central, somehow figured it out before the Twins.

We’ve heard that the ‘Twins way’ is a myth; a made up media storyline, but it’s a thing. A thing that isn’t very positive.

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