Minnesota Twins Deadline Deals


As we discussed the Twins potential for the rest of the month earlier this week, it is throughout the next three weeks that the Minnesota Twins will define their season.  With a manageable schedule in the coming days, and the All Star Break to give some bumps and bruises time to recover, the Minnesota Twins will look to close the season on a strong note.

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July 31 marks the Major League Baseball trade deadline, and teams will be evaluating their landscape over the next handful of games.  In Minnesota, a team likely not contending for the division, and looking to build for future success, the Twins will almost positively play the role of sellers.

Sitting at six games under .500, the roster is far from bleak, and contending teams could be looking for the player ripe for the picking.

The Minnesota Twins have a farm system loaded with young talent.  Alex Meyer and Trevor May should make their Major League debuts in the coming weeks, with Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton slated to contribute next year.  With the talent on the horizon, the Twins need to time things right.

Looking at the 2014 trade deadline, a late season push towards the Wild Card may be fun in theory, but could hamper the Twins for years to come.  Selling remains the most viable option, so who is available.

Well the short answer is everyone, when you are looking to deal, there is no one you won’t listen to an offer on.  That being said, there are so much more reasonable names than others, and the Twins could look to add key pieces for future success through those deals.

Kevin Correia remains the first possibility for the Twins.  Correia is by and large a National League guy.  He has had success in the NL and is showing he can do it in both leagues this year.  Since June 10, he has started seven games to the tune of a 2.30 ERA.  He is holding a rotation spot the Twins could use on a younger arm, and he could bring back a mid level prospect for the Twins to pair in next season.

Next, All Star catcher Kurt Suzuki could be on the trade dock.  With teams like the Orioles and Cardinals without their stud backstops in playoff years, they could be looking for an upgrade.  Suzuki has had the offensive season of his career and is a relatively strong defensive catcher.  With the position being fickle, he could bring back a decent return for the Twins.

Finally, Josh Willingham will watch as his name once again flies amongst trade talks.  With nearly every team in the majors coveting one more bat, Willingham only makes sense.  It sounds more and more like the Twins could keep Kendrys Morales long-term, so Willingham may be the one to go.  Josh has plenty of power, and could provide a team like the Yankees some much-needed offense.

Much of what the Twins do, and their leveraging power, will be determined in the next week or so.  With these upcoming series deciding the fate of the Twins season, these three guys seem like the best bet to keep an eye on.