Where Do the Twins Go Now?


Here we sit, the day after the 2014 Major League All Star Game.  While the All Star Break is coming to a close, for Minnesota Twins players in the game, they didn’t have to go far to participate.  As teams head out to start the second half of their schedule, it is in this time period that seasons are won and lost.  That begs the question, where do the Twins go now.

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As of today, the Minnesota Twins sit at a very mediocre 44-50, a full six games below .500, and 10.5 games behind the division leading Detroit Tigers.  This season however, there is reason for hope.  Last year, the Twins watched themselves stumble to the All Star Break going an ugly 3-11 before the midsummer classic.

The Minnesota Twins have won six of their last 10 games, as five of their last six.  With series wins over both the Seattle Mariners, and the Colorado Rockies, the Twins have shown they can beat anyone.

This all gets us to where we are today.  Throughout the rest of July, the Twins face off at home against the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago White Sox.  To close out the month, a road trip to face of with the Kansas City Royals is scheduled.  Those four teams present very winnable matchups for the Twins, with only the Royals coming in above .500.

The series against the Indians and White Sox are especially important, considering the divisional ramifications of taking those games.

While I am not going to be the Twins writer to tell you that Minnesota has a shot to catch the Tigers, these next two weeks will define the Minnesota Twins season.  With the July 31 trade deadline looming, and the prospect surplus on the horizon for the Twins, the organizational focus will also be largely dependent upon how these matchups play out.

Should the Twins continue to ride the pre All Star Break hot streak, and take each of these series, they could find themselves headed to August sniffing the Wild Card.

At any rate, buyers or sellers, contenders or not, the Minnesota Twins are set to give fans a summer of meaningful baseball for the first time in three years.  Whether Alex Meyer or Trevor May come up soon or not, the next few weeks aren’t about finding out what you have in the future, the Twins are looking to find out if they have what it takes now.