Twins and Orioles do right by young fan who had autographed Byron Buxton ball stolen

A horrible story got a happy ending thanks to the power of Twins fans.
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

While the Minnesota Twins haven't been doing much winning lately, they're doing some stuff off the field worth being proud about.

Despite what the Pohlads may think about the Twins being a small market team, they have a pretty large nation-wide fan bases that stretches to all corners of the country. That includes Baltimore where the team was this week to play a series against the Orioles.

Minnesota being on the road gave the Cleveland family a chance to see their favorite team in person, with their young son Camden being lucky enough to get an autographed baseball from his favorite player. It was a dream moment until it wasn't, when another fan stole the ball as it was being handed from Byron Buxton back to the fan and ran off with it.

Camden's family posted about the incident after the game, and that's where they thought the story was going to end.

That was until Twins Twitter heard about the story and banded together to help ensure the story had a happy ending.

Twins and Byron Buxton surprise young fan who had autographed ball stolen in Baltimore

It took less than 12 hours for Twins fans to not only raise awareness about what had happened but to do so in a way that alerted the powers that be.

On Wednesday the Twins surprised Camden with a basket of gifts from Buxton. Not only did he get his autographed ball back but he got a pair of game-used batting gloves and and autographed bat from Buxton as well.

It wasn't just the Twins who helped Camden and his family out. Thanks to Twins Twitter helping the story go viral, the Orioles also found out about what happened and gave Camden's family front row tickets for Wednesday's game.

Plus with a perfect name like Camden, how could the Orioles resist?

A lot of miserable things have happened so for this season for the Twins but this is a reminder of how great baseball can be. It's the fans that make the game as special as it is, from knowing you're not suffering through a sluggish start to the season alone, to Minnesota Nice being such a strong positive vibe that it radiates beyond bad baseball on the field and extends all the way to a place like Baltimore.

The Twins might not be in a great spot right now, but it's hard to see what happened with Buxton, Camden, and everyone involved on Wednesday as anything other than the biggest win of the season so far.

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