Twins fans are calling out the Pohlads for not investing in the team: ‘Worst owners in sports’

Fans are letting their displeasure with ownership known as the Twins continue to struggle.
Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
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Some might say that nine games is too early for a fan base to be calling out ownership, but those people have never had to root for a team owned by the Pohlad family.

That’s the sentiment around Minnesota Twins fans less than ten games into the season, one that was supposed to have so much promise but has delivered nothing but disappointment. On paper the struggles have only been happening since Opening Day, but fans have bee toiling for much longer, as the this winter was a breaking point for some.

Minnesota chased its most successful postseason run by slashing its payroll by $30 million and refusing to get involved in any meaningful offseason move. The only big deal the team did make was trading All-Star second baseman Jorge Polanco for two pitchers who started the season on the IL and a prospect who is two levels below the majors.

Like most things with the Twins, the move was sold as one filled with potential; Anthony DeSclafani is a stud backend pitcher if he can stay healthy, Justin Topa is a hard throwing reliever who fortified the bullpen, and Gabriel Gonzalez is a Top 100 prospect.

DeSclafani's season — and likely his tenure with the Twins — is already over and Topa has yet to make an impact. Gonzalez is an intriguing prospect, but he’s a few years away from being big league ready which is a classic kicking the can down the road move fans have grown all too accustomed to.

It was an objectively embarassing offseason, even by the frugal standards the Twins live by. That’s why it’s taken almost no time at all for fans to start lashing out at the Pohlads as the team continues to stumble out of the gate.

Twins fans are calling out the Pohlads for not investing in the team: ‘Worst owners in sports’

Following a 6-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday, fans started taking to social media to let ownership know how they feel.

There are a number of factors contributing to the Twins’ struggles, most notably injuries that have chewed through the team’s depth. That’s a linchpin to a lot of the angst, as in-house talent was sold as justification for not making any moves.

Ownership cowered in the face of potential lost revenue over the TV rights drama stemming from Diamond Sports Group going bankrupt. That’s why the team cut $30 million from its payroll, and the depth was teh shiny object used to try and distract fans.

To be fair, the Twins do have some great talent already in the building. The problem is it’s not enough and the team had an opportunity to parlay its success last October into building a potential World Series contender.

That’s where the frustration stems from, and every struggle the team encounters is magnified by the optics of how little the team did to get fans excited and how much a potential chance to do something special might have been wasted in the name of saving a buck.

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