Rocco Baldelli went scorched earth on Twins after brutal 11-3 loss

The Twins manager had a scathing review of his team after another awful loss on Tuesday.
Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

Outside of another highlight reel catch by Byron Buxton, nothing went right for the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night in Baltimore.

Chris Paddack earned some unironic praise after the game for lasting just over five innings, but over that time he gave up 12 hits and nine earned runs in what ended up a 11-3 loss to the Orioles. Things were putrid all across the lineup for Minnesota, with the bats once again going painfully silent at the plate and the pitching failing in ways that's beginning to become concerning.

Paddack's bad start came a night after Louie Varland was knocked around by Orioles hitters for just over four innings in what was the second of three straight losses for the team. Just four days ago the Twins swept Detroit in a doubleheader and scored a combined 15 runs over two games, which already feels like ages ago.

Since then Minnesota has allowed 20 runs while mustering up just 10 runs of their own. Sunday saw the bullpen, which had been the team's best unit, collapse for the first time this season and the next two games started out so poorly that relievers were barely even called upon.

We're less than ten percent of the way through the Twins' season and there have been tough injury breaks that have hampered things, but Rocco Baldelli isn't letting any of that serve as an excuse.

Rocco Baldelli calls out Twins after 11-3 loss to Orioles: 'It's hard to play baseball'

After the game Baldelli had an absolutely scathing -- and fully accurate -- review of how his team performed, calling out every level of the lineup.

"We have to pitch better, we have to play better defensively and play crisper, sharper baseball and we have to have better at-bats. The early part of the game, we didn't make adjustments fast enough. We need to grab some leads. We need to go out there prepared on the first pitch of the game to go out there and grab a lead and that changes the game," Baldelli said. "It feels like we're behind a lot, we're behind fairly early and it's hard to play baseball like that."

Rocco noted that one positive was how long Paddack was able to take his bad start on the chin while refusing to get rattled, but when that's the best thing that can be said it's truly been an awful night.

It's been an awful season so far for Minnesota, one that already has fans throwing their hands up in disgust. Things started going downhill long before Tuesday night, though, and even further back than losing Royce Lewis on Opening Day.

The Pohlad's are once again punching bags for an enraged fan base. The 6-11 start to the season is colored by how ownership cowered in fear over potential lost revenue stemming from issues with Diamond Sports Group. Rather than invest in the team, the eidct was handed down to slash $30 million from the payroll which quickly brought back bad memories and returned a sour taste to the mouths of fans everywhere.

It's silly to blame the Pohlad's for injuries that have hit the team early on, but it's well placed anger when pointing out that the team was horribly ill-prepared to deal with what has happened. Concerns with Paddack and Varland at hte back of the rotation and the lack of depth behind injured stars is absolutely a reflection of how poorly the team was managed this offseason and was an entirely avoiable situation.

That's where we're at less than 20 games into the season, as the number of things to point at in disgust and outrage far outnumbers the amount of winning the Twins have been doing.

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